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The Leadership Present at Apostolic Movement International Headquarters.



Our Apostolic Ministry Team

I am well aware of the fact that these pages are usually written by someone who designed the site or perhaps a good friend who can word it right. I never was one for pretenses so you will getting what burns in us 'straight from the horses mouth' so to speak.

Apostolic Movement International (A.M.I) has been different names through the years, but the foundation has always been the same. Established by Apostles and run by those that we have personally raised up. I happened to be in the office not long ago when one of our ministers answered the phone. I had to smile as I heard her try to explain,

"Yes, I really am a minister. You do not just get a secretary when you call."

The minister who answered the phone just happened to be Denise Jordan. Currently in Apostolic Training, she has been in prophetic office since 2009 and currently oversees our entire prophetic training division. She and her husband Apostle Ronald Jordan are the resident pastors and leaders for our ministry center in San Diego.

As the Lord has given us spiritual children and disciples, Craig and I have trained up each one. Whether we are posting a dream interpretation or meeting an attendee to one of our seminars, we want you to know how important you are to the Lord. When you write in, you do not get a response from staff. You get a response from your newly found family.

And so we have done things the long way around. We have real ministers answering the phones. We have prophets who are in full time ministry or running their own live schools as lecturers in the Prophetic School. We have realtime ministers taking on students in our Fivefold Training School. Even our natural born daughters jump in and help answer feedbacks and are actively involved at our ministry centers.

When you come for a season of hands on mentorship and training at our Ministry Center, you are embraced as part of the family. You find a team much like you would have found in the early church. A team each having different gifts and callings all working together as one towards establishing an Apostolic Movement. The Lord is raising up parents and leaders who will put aside their own agendas to raise up others. Just like Paul and Timothy, the Lord has sent us spiritual children to help in the work.

We work together, pray the finances in together and share our spiritual, emotional and natural loads together.

We cannot preach what we do not live and we cannot expect of others what we are not prepared to do ourselves. As you delve into our teachings and get to know us, I know that you are going to see a few things that are different. As you do that though, I hope that you see that we are real. We are real in our passion for Jesus. We are real in our love for the church. We are real in our commitement to our team and to you.

We are Apostolic Movement International.

Our mandate is to set the church as a city on a hill. To equip and train God's leaders to take their place. In essence, our mandate is to help you fulfill yours. With a full training mechanism for the fivefold ministry and profound foundation principles for the Christian life, we have an inheritance for the Body of Christ.

Apostles Craig and Colette

Both having been appointed to Apostolic Office, Craig has an apostolic business call while Colette heads the ministry team.

Spiritual parents of AMI, Craig and Colette spend a large part of their time training the Fivefold Ministry as well as personally imparting all that they have into their disciples and spiritual children.

The premise has always been that if you want to see change in the church, that you do it one person at a time. This function has not changed since 1999 when they first started on this ministry road. Having trained up Fivefold Ministers all over the world and establishing new works, their primary function continues to raise you up to fulfill your vision for God!

The AMI Ministry Team

The resident Ministry Team is based in California at our center located in Descanso. The Lord has added to us as a ministry team and each time you contact us, you will be touched by someone who not only does a good job, but is a minister. Here are a list of people that you are likely to come into contact with as you cross our paths.

Ronald and Denise Jordan

Resident leaders and pastors, Ronald and Denise Jordan oversee the running of the center along with all live and online training. Apostle Ronald taking the stronger lead in the ministry carries the full care of the running of the center, while Denise oversees the Prophetic School, live training and all contact with customers and students.

Chaifa Thao

With a passionate fire for the Lord, Chaifa oversees AMI-TC, our partnership division as well as helping with all hands-on ministry and the training of the Fivefold Ministry.

Michele Kaster

As a pastor-teacher Michele is an endless source of encouragement. Resident at the center, she is heavily involved in the day to day ministry as well as online student training.

Deborah and Jessica Toach

Deborah and Jessica are our daughters and are actively part of the work. Although still in their teens they are active in helping on our online forums, live ministry and with the administration of AMI.

Philip and Anja Sager

Resident in Switzerland and responsible for our German sites, Philip and Anja are also responsible for the live and online training for our Europe divisions. They maintain a bookshop distributing all our materials in German abroad.

You can visit all our German divisions at:

Hennie and Jeanette Botha

Resident in South Africa, Hennie and Jeanette have been with us for many years. They oversee all our divisions in Africa and run both correspondence and live training on the Fivefold Ministry. They distribute all our materials in Africa, including some translations in the local Afrikaans language. Visit their ministry at:

Disciples and Spiritual Children. The Warriors - are you one of them?

It took us 10 years to discover our Apostolic Mandate. Much of it through death and trial. However it remains in me to see the church of God set as a city on a hill. Where every believer walks in power and in the anointing.

The only way that this will come to pass is if the Church has leaders who walk in this power and know how to impart it to others. So this really is the essence of what this ministry is about. We continue to look out for those warriors, those men and women of God who have a passion to do things God's way.

Men and women with a clear vision of what God has called them to do and a determination to pay the price. What I have from the Lord is the ability to train, shape, mentor and also spiritually parent those with such a passion. So that they can take everything they have and present it effectively to the church.

If your heart has burned through my story and you feel that drawing in your heart, then perhaps you are one of those that God has chosen to be one of our disciples or spiritual children. Perhaps not. Perhaps you are one of those that will come and receive a bit of the teaching here and go your own way.

Either way, you were led here for a purpose, so before you leave, make sure that you take back with you what you came for. Browse the links, subscribe to the lists, but above all, be inspired to press on. Pay the price and the Lord will raise you up so that you can stand as Christ in this world and bring about the kind of change that will usher this End Times Church into the New Move that God has for her!


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