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If you are a Partner with us, you are always the first in line to be invited to our Seminars. 

We take a very special approach though that might go against the grain a bit. So here are some of the things you should know about our seminars and what to expect if ever you are invited to one.

1. Small Group Gatherings

We keep all of our seminars small and intimate. This way we are able to invest personally into every single attendee. We have found through expereince that we have changed more lives and accomplished so much more with intimate settings than through large conferences with many people.

It might not be as glorious, but it certainly accomplishes the work better!

2. One on One Ministry

By the time the seminar is over, every single attendee has had their needs met and questions answered. Receiving from the pulpit is just one part of the seminar. The real ministry and training is done in between.

3. Breaking Bread Together

At every seminar we serve meals. This promotes fellowship amongst the attendees. Although everyone that comes is always from different walks of life, countries and circumstances, by the end, they are one family who are in unity, just as it should be according to the Word.

4. Ordination, Certification and Release

It is also during these times that the Lord will lead us to ordain or release individuals into their calling. On many occasions we have released people into the training that starts their road to a Fivefold Ministry Office. We have also had the opportunity to appoint people to these offices.

These ordinations are neither planned or demanded. They come directly by the Holy Spirit as we make ourselves available. We consider certification and ordination two completely different processes at AMI. Ordination to a ministry office is led by the Holy Spirit and this kind of laying on of hands is the same kind of thing that Apostle Paul did with Timothy.

A good picture also is when the elders laid hands on Paul and Barnabus and sent them to the word in Antioch. This ordination remains with you no matter where you function in the church. It is an appointment by the Lord himself.

Certified Ministers

Certification though is different. This is something that AMI gives to those that have qualified through a course of study and training. It is followed by official AMI credentials stating that the individual is recognized as an AMI minister.

Such a minister is openly welcome in all AMI ministries and amongst all partners and associates. 

5. Solid Teaching

Each seminar is centered around a theme with teachings that will keep feeding you after you have left. All messages are recorded and can be used over and over again. At each meeting you will find something fresh.

Teaching given at these seminars tend to be at a higher level and delve into the more meaty topics of the Word.