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What is an Friend of A.M.I. Made of?

Hand-picked by the Lord, our friends have been set apart since the day they were born. With a fire to do things God's way each shared a unique and revolutionary life story.

Each are as a piece of clothe sewn beautifully into a quilt. While each is so unique, as the Lord has joined us together, He has created something even more beautiful.

While our lives and stories are diverse, the one thing that remains constant is our passion to see the Body of Christ rise up as a city on a hill.

We have never been satisfied for the church to just stay the way it is. We have dared to look around and say, "There has to be MORE!"

Sometimes this made our walk difficult, but we rejoice, because it has brought us to one another. Now instead of walking this road alone, we join hands and walk it together. Sure, the storms still come and there are days when the warfare does not seem to end. What is different now, is that we face these things together.

It is this unity that is our strength. Craig and I consider our friends a vital part of AMI and not only important to the church, but also a special part of our hearts.

To All Friends of A.M.I.

We have a list of all of our friends to the left. Here you will find a full description of each along with their website if they have one. Feel free to meet one another, fellowship and to share in the exciting things that the Lord is doing in your life.

As each friend goes through changes, we will update the profiles - so check back often!

What it Takes to Become a Friend

1. Share the same passion as we do for the Lord

2. Want to be a part of what God is doing through Craig and I

3. Desire to fulfill their ministry calling.

4. Have the same desire as AMI to set the Church as a city on a hill!

5. A desire to work with like-minded believers and leaders.

6. A desire for friendship, mentorship, spiritual parenting or spiritual covering to enable you to fulfill your calling.

Friend Benefits

1. For those that need it, assistance in getting your ministry off the ground (through training and dicipleship). We also make materials available to our friends that are not published to the public.

2. Spiritual Covering through association with Apostolic Movement International and its Friends and Regionals.

3. Personal access to the AMI Leadership for the purpose of support, encouragement and counsel for your ministry and calling.

4. Temporary Ministerial credentials (Approved by AMI Leadership and renewable yearly)

5. A new downloadable E-book every month from our collection at .

6. Invitation to yearly seminar for Friends and Regionals only. (This is primarily when ordination takes place.)

7. Spiritual Parenting from Apostles Craig and Colette Toach.

8. Access to a high level publication called The Apostle's Journal geared towards leadersand those who are mature in the Lord.