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A.M.I. Regional Pastors

Having being officially ordained by the laying on of hands or having held credentials with Apostolic Movement International for at least a year, our regional pastors are AMI approved ministries that function, not only in a Pastoral capacity, but also hold at least one other fivefold ministry office.

Not only can you trust these ministries, but they have our full support and backing. Together we are taking the land together and Craig and I are proud to walk alongside such mighty warriors.

Each pastor is not simply a friend of ours, but they are our fellow-workers and most importantly, family.

If you are looking for ministry in your area, please feel confident and contact one of our regionals.

What it Takes to be a Regional Pastor

The reason why you can trust our regionals is because these are men and women who have truly paid the price and followed through in their call.

Each regional has not only passed through our schools, but have been officially ordained by us through the laying on of hands.

These are not people who just flew up overnight. They have walked the long road of ministry with us for years and shared not only in the many teachings we have produced at AMI, but they have lived it as well.

Each Regional has their own and independant ministry, holding onto our right hand of fellowship.

Regional Benefits

Regionals receive the same benefits as all our friends in addition to being at the top of our referral list. This is a true relationship where we are actively involved in making YOUR ministry grow. We are not afraid to refer others to you and to raise you up in the sight of those who come to us, looking for hands on ministry. 

We get so many believers looking for someone to receive from. We know that we cannot do it all alone and so we are only too happy to use this resource we have to grow the ministries of our Regionals.

Benefits in a Nutshell

In addition to all regular Friendship benefits, our Regionals receive:

1. Referral of all ministry requests in their area.

2. Promotion for their ministry through our lists and personal contact with the public.

3. A monthly DVD or Audio CD shipped to their home

4. Regionals are encouraged to submit publications for us to send to our list on the Apostolic Network ( 

Regional Requirements

All Regionals should fulfill all or most of the following Criteria

1. Have held credentials with AMI for at least a year.

2. Have qualified in either AMI Training College or AMI Prophetic School.

3. Have been released into ministry by the laying on of hands.

4. Have been ordained for the work of the ministry.

5. Have their own ministry.