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We Love Sharing Cool Stuff With Our Friends!

Each month our friends receive a full version of one of our e-books taken directly from our site. It is important to us that you are motivated to be the leader God has called you to be.

By giving out what we can, we are doing our part to support you in your calling and also your Christian walk. Whether you have come to know the Lord just recently or you have known him for years, we have something for you. The great thing about the e-book we send out to you, is that it will give you a track to run on.

By the end of the year, you would have learned how to hear God's Voice for yourself, identified your ministry, been spiritually built up and taken a bite out of some meaty doctrine. To the left are some more resources for our friends that we add to all of the time. Just a little something more to say... we care and are here for you.

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Visiting the area? If you find yourself in the San Diego region and you are a friend of AMI, give us a call and pop by for a visit. The coffee is always hot and the fellowship warm.

You can find more about our San Diego ministry center at

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Join us for a homechurch meeting during the week or plan a visit to one of our Sunday Afternoon social activities. We will also be in touch for any private seminars hosted in San Diego where only friends and regionals are invited!

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