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It's Time To Fulfill Your Vision

Well this year as we sought the Lord for the direction that God wants to take us as a ministry, He gave the following direction. This year will see us more involved than ever to help you fulfill the calling and vision God has given to you.

The Body of Christ Needs You!

We invite you to read the word below. If you find the same fire burning in your heart, then we invite you to join us as a partner. While our partners enable us to give out more materials and to support our families working at AMI, we in turn give mentorship and spiritual parenting.

In addition to that, we refer many folks who come to us looking for local ministry to our partners. It is not just our vision to equip you for the work of God this year, but to also give you the people and resources to do it.

In essense, we train you, send people to you and then continue to instruct and teach you how to minister effectively to them. Together we will raise up your ministry and together we will also establish God's agenda in this earth!

God's Word For A.M.I. and Its Partners For 2012


As you walk through the open doors I have put before you, you will see that I have been leading you clearly for some time now my child. I have not forsaken you or caused your foot to slip, because it is my work at stake here and not your own. The more you realize that it is my work and not for your benefit that these doors are opening, you will come to peace.

For while you think that I am using you for your own benefit, your faith will always be stunted, because you cannot afford to live up to those expectations. You cannot earn my blessing with your works. However when you see that I have trained you and led you to this point for the purpose of My Body and My people, then you will suddenly understand why the doors are opening and you can see that as you have saught my Kingdom alone, that I am well able to add all of these things to you.

The Birth of Something New

So do not be afraid of the time that is ahead or even wonder how the finances will come into play, because I am going to cause the way to open. And so just like a baby is thrust into the earth, so also will you be thrust forward and so will you begin to see that my hand is on you and that my hand has been there all along to change the direction of my Body. For there is not a single word that I have for my Body, but very many words of direction.

For each of the members of the Body are at a different level of maturity and of change. The one word that will always remain is that it is time for my Bride to become spotless and even now you will see my leaders rising up to prepare her. Just like the bridesmaids come and the others come to prepare the bride, so also am I hurrying now to prepare her for the time that is ahead. For I desire a bride that is in love with me and full of passion.

And so I give to you the ring to put on her finger and the crown to put on her head, for it is for you to equip my Bride and to make her beautiful for me. To make her passionate and to equip her for all the things that I have called her to be. This is why I am sending you to those whose fire has become dim. Those with a lot of potential, but do not have the fire to do my work any longer.

Calling Those With Hidden Potential

I need more that will equip my bride and they will come in many shapes and forms, however she will be prepared and she will be made glorious says the Lord. For as you seek my face and as you come into my presence, I will make more of the picture clear. For I will bring to you those that need to be trained for this job. They need to equip the bride at very different levels. You can no longer just look at one level and one kind of leader.

Just like in the natural, the bride needs many who can help her, so also does my bride need many that can assist. Her needs are immense and I need many leaders of different types and of different nations to do the job. Their techniques and their jobs will all be different, but the spirit will all be the same. To infuse life into my Bride. To make her passionate and on fire for me. And so I will be bringing many to you with very different calls and passions.

It is not for you to try and change their ministries or visions, but rather to make them passionate about accomplishing that vision and then to give them the correct spirit and anointing to use to fulfill it. And so you will see not only minstries starting to rise up in different states and nations, but you will see different kinds of ministry rising up around you to.

Soon you will be able to direct people to ministries not just based on their location, but also to their needs.

Is this not even so in the world? There are specialists in every field and there are not many who can do them all. The apostle can do them all, but not everyone in the Body can. So this is why you must learn more than you ever have my child. Both natural and spiritual things. For I will bring you many with such a variety of ministry types that you will be amazed. With each one, I have given them a passion for a specific direction.

This is not something that you have embraced in the past, but now you will see it grow. As you begin to see this, it will open up a new world to you and I will clearly lead you to put your foot on the land and take it as never before.

As you start identifying the ministries and visions of those round about you, encourage them in it. As they press forward in that vision, I can always change their directions. No longer try to strip them from it to lead them in a new direction. As you do this, they will be built up and they will also change.

You will start to reach my Body in a way that you never have before my child. Raise up my mighty warriors all of different backgrounds and of different persuasion and you will see my Body grow and be equipped in the year ahead says the Lord.


If the Holy Spirit spoke to you as you read this Word, then we invite you to partner with us by signing up at:

You might also consider establishing a relationship through becoming a student or member by signing up on our free lists.

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Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Patricia, Houston, TX :

This surely is a word to me. Thanks a lot. Awesome. I am always trying to point someone in the right direction to walk in their calling.

Response from Sonya :

I am excited to let God use me in making His church what He wants it to become.

Response from nancy kopp :



Response from Prophet Kenneth Hare :

I enjoy this word was for me and it touch my life greatly and it has also took me back in thinking of the time when the Lord spoke to me back in 1984. This is the same word and it is ringing deep within my spirit to come alive and now I know that I suppose to be connected with this move of this Ministry. The Lord has directed us to line up on the move on this great called.

Response from Metuisela Bukarau 8528 :

I receive this Word.Towards the end of 2011,the Lord spoke clearly in my spirit- "I respect my Word alone - not man..including you"

Response from Paulette Hunter :

This was a prophetic word to me. As I set here in tears all I can say is Yes Lord. God has done some great things in my life in 2011 and I surrender to him. I want to partner with you

Response from Lone Ambæk :

Wow! I just sence the fire - the apostolic fire! I will soon be partner with you and I will love to be it. I feel so much connected with you and I have never before experinced such an amazing fire and it consumes me.

Thank you so much:-)

With love in Christ

from Lone

Response from ROWENA WELCH :


Response from Pastor Rajesh :

Truly a personal confirmation from the mouth of the Lord....So many of the thoughts, directions and visions for the Body of Christ apply word for word and it is encouraging to note the passionate fire of God kindled in a few will bring in the different streams & giftings to merge as one.

The presence of God just fell on me even as I began reading and if His signature is on it, that settles it.

In His love,

Pastor Rajesh Y.Nath,Kuwait

Response from Joe :

I'm from Kenya, living in its capital city Nairobi.

I thank the Lord for what He's doing in you, and through you.

The daily prophetic mails that you've been sending, have been a great blessing to me.

I look forward to be part of what the Lord is doing this season, and in days to come.
God bless you.

Response from Maans :

Hi Collette, I can confirm every word as the Lord also spoke to me in the last months or so of the mighty warriors and the preparation of the bride of Christ. it is evident that God wants the body to be efective and functional to reveal His glory. I stand in agreement with you and Craig. I trust that God will establish His will iin the hearts of His people. I am so hungry for God. I say yes Lord. I know God has called me to be an apostle and desire so much to do your schools, but I find myself in such financial difficulties and are therefore unable now to do it. I am fulltime in ministry and work in the underpriveledge communities where people are facing touch times, but I am praying that that breakthrough will soon be showing. Thanks for your faithfulness towards Gods will.

Response from Claudia :

Yes - my spirit joins with yours in this Word!

Am entering the new year with such a heart of expectancy!! The number 12 has always been a significant number in God's plan and I am excited about what He is doing in the earth. So Yes! Count me in!I want to be part of what HE is doing.

Response from David Maili :

Yes that is the yearning of my heart to see the bride of Christ stand in her full glory to manifest the beauty of our Lord to the inhabitants of of the World.YES,the fire is burning in me...David from Kenya East Africa.

Response from jermaine :

I am a young Prophet and i look forward to the prophetic words to help to align we with Gods vision for his body.

Response from Gustavo Aguilar :

Hello Collette, AMI and Bride of Christ!

My name is Gustavo Aguilar, I am from Costa Rica, 30 years old, just married.
This word came from GOD; we should keep on praying and taking what GOD has promised us this later years. This is a an apostolic year and apostolic means movement; movement alongside with the prophetic words!

You guys are invited to come to Costa Rica; we have a small company of prophets and we have been taking the land to surround our country with GOD's words. This is a powerful and we all should raise with the power of the Holy Spirit and stop considering our emotions and past to do what GOD wants us to do!


Gustavo Aguilar!

Response from pastor Sunday Othniel :

Hellow sir,
I just saw this massage and i Know very well its the voice of God. Without dout all the prophetic massages you have been sending to me are all true.
My ministry name is LIFE RESURRECTION MINISTRY, we are in Nigeria, West Africa and by his grace the lord has been so faithfull.
Sir the sane fire burns in us and we are ready to do what God want us to do. this is an answer to my cry, the lord has visited us by this invitation. we are ready to partiner with you sir

Response from Lucy :

This is the year of the Lord and my spirit tells me that its a year to be thankful for all God has done and going to do its not a time to be asking.I thank him for this far he has brought us and for your daily word.I have seen God communicate through dreams and now am sure am going through another lesson on what runs in your mind comes to be.I want to be used of the Lord for his glory.I am in Kenya and trusting God to do exploits and have no idea why the finance are going to come from as I look forward to do missions away from church sponsored missions.Happy new you and God bless you this wonderful year 2012

Response from Nicholas :

I thank God for all the prophetic words which you have brought ford as a challenge to christian leaders who feel the fire of God to change this world upside down, from darkness to the light. Real to me it is like a miracle because I have been looking all over the world whether can they be someone sent to open the minds of churches to unity with one mind and mission to bring back this world on its foundation, I trust God that with you Leaders of A.M.I. in the help of the Holly Spirit God is answering my prayers, and for the whole nation. As for me and the church which God sent me to lead we are read for this move no matter we are still a small group struggling with finances for the church instruments and the transport. I have a hope with your word of prophecy that every thing is going to be according God's order.Pray for me and the church that we that we move hand in hand in everything that God reveal to you.Amen

Response from N J Hauman :

Dear Craig and Colette

The Lord has given me three words for His Bride.

1. Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and stand before the Son of Man.

As I look at the clouds and pray this prayer the Lord deals with areas of my life which is not in line with His will for me. This is according to what the Lord also showed you in preparation for His coming for His bride.

2. The Lord is going to pour out a new wave of Holy Spirit worship. His body is going to receive new songs, melodies that will intensify worship in spirit and in truth. Deliverance will come through this worship as never before and the worship will focus on Him. This continuing worship will usher in the rapture. Of course there will be the counterfeit from the devil which glorifies man.

3. His body is going to grasp the difference between the true gospel and the gospel for the sake of personal gain.
His body is going to make sacrifices in order to spread the gospel free of charge in order to preach it to all people so that He can come for His bride.

I definitely want to be part of this team that God is raising up as part of His latter rain.

Response from susan vd westhuizen :

This Prophetic Message is spot on• I have already experienced it this week in my workplace•people coming from different backgrounds and ministeries beginning to move forward and in moving forward change is taking place! Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war looking unto Jesus, Who has gone before...

Response from unverified :

Since j signed up for AMI,my life and ministry has never
remained the same.I thank Apostle CRAIG and COLETTE TOACH
together with the team for the great work done.
Many years past i knew how the body of Christ needed me,
in the of the five fold ministry.I joined IAM SHCOOL after
that i had to join NEW LIFE BIBLE COLLEGE but still some
thing was missing like,parenting and mentorship for the
vision i had.Untill i was linked to AMI by the lead of
the HOLY SPIRIT, and as i talk now the Apostlic ministry is on fire.Iam augandan living in malaba but running a church
in mbale(kolonyi village)deep in village.The only thing is
,GOD is there for us.

SO as i was reading the prophetic message, you were like
remainding me of the word i recieved from the LORD on
22ND of Dec saying; Many are coming to see what your GOD
is doing,they will and say i want to be part of his ministry
we want to be your childern and you will welcome them.
They will come driving looking for you and carrying gifts
for you.
Blessed are you who is suffering now,it is great for you
Go in the narrow gate though it's hard,there is life in it.
And the last week of 2011HE was talking of big things.
So if you talk about the open doors, we're together.
I still need more from you and i'm pround of you my mentors
and spiritual parents.
Thank you so much for your care



Response from Ennoch - Malawi-Africa :

To God be the Glory. This is indeed nice and very important. Count me as a partner. Fire of the Holy Ghost is burning. Friend, if you haven't known the Lord as saviour this is the time.

Response from Helen Katanekwa :

I receive the Word and would like to be of use.

Response from Apostle Adams Sabila-Africa,kenya :

Blessings Craig and Colette.
I am so grateful and bless the lord for your prophetic messages.Its been a of a great inspiration to me personally and the ministry.I am never the same,the lord has taken me to another level in the prophetic and hearing His voice.I would love to join hands witch you in raising an Apostolic army in this end time,like the Gideon army that will take this earth like the storm for the Glory and honor of our LORD.Amen!

Response from Prophetess Bridget Delaney :

Yes! I just recently came back from a trip to Jackson Mississippi ..this is the very 1st church I have really begun pulling ministry partners who specialize in building buissness ..street evangelism.. and really teaching on the bibical station of each part of the body in the 5 fold ministry and how they work togther as one . also hitting hard in marriage and family mentoring and installing many other needs ... using gifts and talents that God uniquely gave out. We are working hard to equip and strengthen in areas that the modern church has avoided like a plague.also descipling people effectively. holding people into account and Restoring Covenant Relationship with God... and with one another. I dunno how Id have made it this far without your constant encouragements. and Gods perfect grace and His vision. I Do not know what youd have me to do to stand with you but you have stood with me.So yeah Im standing with you.I LOVE YOU!!!

Response from Fannie :

This is the word of the Lord, I receive it and will be partnering with you. It is now time for the vision to be fulfilled, We are in agreement

Response from patricia :

i am asking for prayer for my unsave children, felicia, christopher, michael, jovan, phil.

Response from Dr Toyin Ogundipe :

Hallelujah!!! Praise God!!!

Response from Lily Madrid :

Blessings in the name our Lord Jesus Christ! This Word hit the nail on the head for me. The Lord constantly speaks to me through my dreams. And in searching for an interpretation to a recent dream I had, I found the interpretation in your website. In this dream I was delivering a baby boy which is a teaching and leadership ministry. God has confirmed that now is the time for me rise. And as each day goes by, I realize how I need mentoring because I have more questions than answers.
I will be partnering up with this ministry. I have been very blessed with the resources I receive via email.
Thank you

Response from unverified :

I am the one who bears my Son from the Star,
I delivered him from my woman as woman without flesh,
into man from the heavens.
On my birthday did it become apparent future tense.

Response from the bright and morning star :

It is time for me to obey gods command im here to fullfill his word and the lost books

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